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A resolution has been defined as an expression of opinion from a messenger, as opposed to a motion,which calls for action. The following guidelines are offered for persons desiring to submit a resolution.

Only registered messengers may submit a resolution.

Resolutions may be submitted in the following ways:

  • Resolutions may be given in print directly to any member of the Resolutions Committee. The committee members are identified on page 40 of the Bulletin. Committee members will be available at the front of the stage at the conclusion of the first Worship Session which is expected at 12:15 pm on Monday.

  • Resolutions may be brought to the Resolutions Committee meeting room; Rangers, Room 108 on the Lower Level of the Waco Convention Center.

  • Resolutions may be emailed to the Resolutions Committee at ferrell.foster[at]

    Any messenger needing help in submitting a resolution may meet with the committee in Rangers, Room 108 on the Lower Level of the Waco Convention Center between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm on Monday,November 18.

    The Resolutions Committee must receive resolutions no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, November 18.

    Any resolution must be submitted electronically or in print with the name, address, contact phone number and church membership of the messenger. A member of the committee may contact anyone submitting a resolution if there are questions concerning the resolution. The committee may be reached by calling Ferrell Foster at (214) 773-1512.


The Convention today will be asked to act on the following recommended “Standing Rules” for this annual meeting:

  1. All reports, motions, resolutions or amendments to the constitution, bylaws or articles of incorporation shall be submitted by a registered messenger to the body, then sent to the recording secretary in writing, legibly signed by the maker and shall include their name, address,church membership and phone number where they can be reached during the convention.

  2. All motions requiring a vote not scheduled on the agenda must be introduced by the close of the Monday business meeting. Amendments to the Constitution and/or Bylaws must also be introduced by the close of the Monday business meeting.

  3. All resolutions must be submitted by the close of the Monday meeting.

  4. To obtain the floor, a messenger shall approach the microphone, address the chair, give his or her

    name and church and wait to be recognized.

  5. Discussion or debate and nomination speeches shall be limited to three minutes for each speaker.There may be no more than one nomination speech per candidate.

  6. No messenger shall speak more than once on the same question or topic until all have spoken who wish to do so.

  7. The chair shall recognize messengers wishing to speak to each side of the question alternately.

  8. All messengers who attend and participate in the business meetings of the convention shall

    conduct themselves in keeping with the stated objectives of the Constitution of Texas Baptists.

  9. Voting shall be conducted by voice or by the raising of ballots by messengers. Division of the assembly shall be conducted by messengers standing and raising ballots. The president, by his/her own decision, may order a vote by ballot.

  10. In the election of officers, if no nominee receives a majority vote of the messengers, there shall be a runoff election between the two nominees who received the greatest number of votes on the first ballot.


A motion calls for specific action by Texas Baptists or some entity of Texas Baptists. Only registered messengers may make a motion. A motion normally begins with “I move to ..." or "I move that...”

  1. Write the motion legibly. (If the motion is spontaneous and you don’t have time to write it before presenting it to the convention, write the motion before leaving the microphone area.)

  2. Go to a microphone at a time when business is being considered.

  3. When recognized by the presiding officer, state your name, that you are a messenger, the name of your church, and read your motion, which must be presented to the convention during a business meeting to become an official motion.

  4. Before leaving the microphone, give the written copy of your motion to the page at the microphone. A page will take the copy of your motion to the platform so the motion can be entered into the record by the recording secretary.

  5. The Committee on Annual Meeting will announce a time for the convention to consider themotion or recommend its referral to some convention entity.


Texas Baptists’ Bylaws call for the meeting of the convention to be conducted according to the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. The officers abide by this manual on parliamentary procedure. In the past, a messenger’s motion has been ruled out of order because it did not comply with Robert’s Rules of Order when a change in wording was all that was necessary for the motion to have been appropriate and in order.

Every effort is being made for the business of our convention to be conducted in the smoothest and best way possible for the advancement of our Lord’s Kingdom. If a messenger has a motion to make, the parliamentarian will be available to assist with the wording so that the motion will be in proper format.

Note: A motion will not be considered by the convention until a messenger has personally made it at the appropriate time and place while the convention is in session. A motion cannot be submitted to the delegates except during the Annual Meeting.


The Committee on Credentials has been assigned an area near Registration, located on the Upper Lobby of the Waco Convention Center. Messengers must have a messenger card properly endorsed by the church clerk or moderator. Messengers who do not have such a card will need to be approved by the Credentials Committee.


Materials are prepared each year to help messengers during business sessions of the Texas Baptists Annual Meeting. Among those materials is the Book of Reports, which contains the annual reports of Texas Baptists Institutions and Agencies, the Texas Baptists Executive Board and a copy of the Texas Baptists Constitution and Bylaws. Additionally, the Texas Baptists Bulletin contains information about business matters to be voted on and proceedings.

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