Bounce 2015 Is A Wrap!

by Amy Valenta on July 29, 2015 in Great Commandment

The BOUNCE staff is very pleased with the results of the week of ministry in San Marcos and WImberley! We've seen the restoration of homes and hope brought through the service of students. Christ has been reflected well this week in San Marcos. A total of six worksites were completed. Houses got new roofs, walls, insulation, and other improvements. Before BOUNCERS left, they presented their homeowner with a picture of their team as a gift.

Ms. Joyce Adams, an 82 year-old deaf homeowner, was greatly impacted by the flood on May 24 of this year. Through sign language, she explained that the manager of her trailer park tried to knock on her door to warn her. Being deaf, she didn't hear them. Her son woke her up to tell her it was flooding, and the water had risen 5 feet. Students went to her house and re-installed insulation, finished the skirting, and cleaned up under her house. She was ecstatic to see young people learning how to serve other people.

The night concluded with the WRAP PARTY, which highlighted some of the important and memorable parts of the mission, including the offering, media coverage and all the people who made BOUNCE San Marcos possible. Once again, we'd like to thank the City of San Marcos and First Baptist Church San Marcos for all they've done to accommodate us this week.

We pray that BOUNCE was a blessing for everyone involved. Thanks to FBC Canyon Lake, Cowboy Fellowship, Lakeside Baptist, FBC Lampasas, Life Church of SA, and FBC San Isidro for bringing us student missionaries this week to reflect Christ in San Marcos, Texas. Pray for safe travels for groups as they go back home. Pray that students' lives have been radically changed and they will go back home and share their experience with more and more people. Once again, Thanks to all of our BOUNCERS, and we hope that you all decide to BOUNCE again next year!

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