BOUNCE'S First Day of Work Is a Wrap!

by Kyle Crim on July 7, 2015 in Great Commandment

BOUNCERS kicked off their first day of work this morning with GO TIME! GO TIME is a rally where students participated in warm-up activities to prepare for the day ahead. Following this, BOUNCERS were prayed for and commissioned by Worship Speaker Brian Pearce to head into Dallas to begin rehabilitating homes! A total of ten ministry teams were sent out to work on various homes in the City of Waco.

The weather was surprisingly mild, which made for a great day on the ministry worksites, BOUNCERS worked hard on various activities such as scraping paint, applying paint, roofing, and building steps and ramps. Lunch this week for the ministry worksites is being provided by volunteers from several churches in the Waco Regional Baptist Association. The lunch break was accompanied by a student-led devotional.

As with every evening, the night ended with a worship service. Worship speaker Brian Pearce focused on who Jesus actually was to the students. He encouraged students to focus on their answer. He drove home that the Bible is the ultimate source of truth and there was no way to God except through Jesus. He invited the students to come forward and write who Jesus was to them.

The BOUNCERS are ready to go back to their ministry worksites tomorrow morning and continue their projects and witnessing to the City of Waco!

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