BOUNCE is More Than Just Work

by Kyle Crim on July 16, 2015 in Great Commandment

On the third day of disaster recovery work here in Moore, BOUNCERS are working very efficiently. It will not be a problem finishing all of the sites by tomorrow afternoon. After working hard each day, one of the things the students have to look forward to is the time of worship that is conducted each night. This has been a time for students to reflect on what God's been doing in their lives this week.

Students hear from Worship Speaker, David Scott about the life of Peter and his failures, which were eventually turned into triumphs. He has been emphasizing that it will be hard to become who God calls us to be, but it's better to be near Jesus in the storm than away from Him while in the boat (Matthew 14). David has encouraged students to make decisions to follow Christ or to take the next step in their relationship with Him, which could mean finding community and accountability, being more genuine or a variety of other things.

Each night after worship, BOUNCERS meet together with their individual youth groups to reflect and debrief on what God is doing on their worksites, in their lives and in their hearts.

One more day of work lies ahead for BOUNCERS. They're tired, but looking forward to seeing a finished product on their worksites. Pray that they'll have final opportunities to articulate God's love to their homeowners this week. Pray that God would be glorified!

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