BOUNCE Mineral Wells is in Full Swing!

by Kyle Crim on July 22, 2015 in Great Commandment

BOUNCERS had a great night of rest and were up early this morning to continue on their worksites in Mineral Wells. They were looking forward to going out and seeing more progress made on the houses they were working on. Many BOUNCERS have found it surprising that they've been having fun on their worksites despite the physical demands that the work entails. They are also enjoying meeting and working alongside students from other youth groups.

Students have already learned a lot about service this week. There are several students who are feeling God work in their lives this week. Many are feeling affirmed in calling to missions and called to share Christ with people back home.

Several media outlets have already come to cover BOUNCE this week. Already, we've had a newspaper and even a TV station come out to show thousands of people what BOUNCERS are doing this week. The Mayor of Mineral Wells even came out to a site to thank BOUNCERS for their work.

There are two work days left here in Mineral Wells. BOUNCERS are working hard and at a great pace, so it's looking like all worksites will be completed by Friday afternoon. Pray for the health and safety BOUNCERS, as the weather will be hot for the rest of the week. Pray for opportunities to share Christ with their homeowners and the community and that BOUNCE may provide encouragement to someone who desperately needs it.

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