BOUNCERS Are Drawing Close to God In Mineral Wells

by Kyle Crim on July 23, 2015 in BOUNCE

It's the third day of work here and Mineral Wells and BOUNCERS are moving along on their projects very well. They are learning new skills that they may have never thought they would be able to learn. Besides the work, one of the BOUNCERS' favorite things about the week is the nightly worship. During this time, students have had the opportunity to look back and see what God's been doing in their lives and what he may want to do in their lives in the future.

Each night, students hear from Worship Speaker, Randy Beggs about the life of Peter and his failures which were followed by triumphs. He's been emphasizing takings steps of faith towards Jesus and moving forward despite failures.

Andrew Pippen, an 18 year-old from First United Methodist Church in Farmington, NM said that worship has been great for him. He said he loves the music. His favorite part of it has been simply stopping for a moment to listen to all the other students sing. He also really likes the message that Randy brings. Andrew said that he's been reminded this week that he needs to focus on taking "baby steps" toward Christ, rather than trying to accomplish a lot at once.

After worship each night, BOUNCERS have met with their individual youth groups to reflect on what God has been teaching them this week through their service on worksites, through worship or through anything else.

There is one final day of work ahead for BOUNCERS. They are tired, but excited to see a finished product on their worksites. Pray that they'll have more and more opportunities to share Christ with their homeowners. Ask God that he would glorify himself through the service of BOUNCERS!

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