Bouncers to the Rescue!

by Cecily McIlwain on June 11, 2019 in BOUNCE

            Bouncers hit the road to their work sites bright and early this morning! With plenty of water and tools, Bouncers covered the greater Houston area to start their first day of disaster recovery work. Teams worked so hard today that we could barely convince them to stop and take a group picture. Photographed above is the Red Dodge team. This group of students traveled to a trailer park in downtown Houston to repair a roof. They worked hard all day but don't worry, they had some fun too. 

As our teams returned we were able to hear great stories about conversations Bouncers had with residents and encouraging words they shared with each other. Today they learned the value of working as a team. Work that would have taken days flew by in a manner of hours with twelve hard-working students sharing the same goal. They are grateful for each other, listen to each other, and are quick to help a friend in need. Their experiences today placed a tangible value on the scope of disaster recovery efforts.

Students had the opportunity to respond to the furtherment of recovery efforts in Harvey affected areas with tonight's mission offering. Bouncers gave a total of $326.36 toward hurricane Harvey rehabilitation. Each dollar was a sacrificial gift and affirmation of their servant-leader hearts. They really are heroes! 

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