Brief thoughts on restoration

by Elizabeth Biedrzycki on September 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

Good Brunches are a series of conversations developed by an organization called Matryoshka Haus. Their purpose is to draw a diverse group of people around a common table to talk about meaningful things in healthy ways. The blog post below references the conversation that took place during the San Antonio Good Brunches around the topic of restoration. Click here to read the intro post for Good Brunches.

  • Brokenness mended.
  • Illness healed.
  • Dirty cleaned.
  • Destruction rebuilt.
  • Lost returned.
  • Depraved redeemed.
  • Weak reinforced.
  • Uselessness given purpose.

The above are some initial thoughts on restoration. They sound like lovely ideas. But they also feel far away from reality sometimes, almost unattainable. And if they are attainable, it sounds like a lot of work.

Restoration implies a journey. It is a journey from one thing to another. It also implies betterment. It is bettering what was to be purposeful and influential today.

So, in regard to our lives here - where we live - what does restoration look like? Does it exist? Who initiates it and is it something we want? If so, what is the journey to get there? And what is the result?

At Good Brunches, we discussed restoration and what it looks like or could look like in our communities. Everyone who joined brought a personal perspective to the discussion of restoration. And the hope of restoration in one life, translated to hope of restoration in another life. There is value in having open, vulnerable, meaningful conversations with those whose beliefs differ from our own. Continue the conversation.

To learn more about Good Brunches, contact Elizabeth Biedrzycki at .

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