Doctrine and Dialogue

by Guest Author on February 14, 2014 in Feature

Every Friday Students at the University of North Texas BSM and discuss different topics of Christian belief in an activity called Doctrine and Dialogue. At Noon students come together and talk about a chapter from the book Christian Beliefs by Wayne Grudem. In this book students are taught systematic theology in short chapters… and when I mean short they are super short. At most these chapters are six pages. In SIX pages students, believers can have an understanding of tough theological beliefs and topics found in the Bible. Last semester we covered the following topics:

  • What is the Bible?
  • What is God like?
  • What is the Trinity?
  • What is Creation?
  • What is Prayer?
  • What are Angels, Satan, and Demons?
  • What is Man?
  • What is Sin?
  • Who is Christ?
  • What is the atonement?

It is these topics I have seen significant growth in the students who come. Students from all areas of faith are invited to come and discuss these beliefs. Often we have students who are not believers come in and argue their thoughts on this and the crazy thing is they are welcomed too. The students have created an atmosphere that allows others to really determine what they believe and get there at their own time while showing them what scripture says about these topics. This semester we are discussing ten different topics and we have added a video of interviews that show what UNT feels about the topic we are discussing. These are the topics we will be discussing this semester:

  • What is the Resurrection?
  • What is the Election?
  • What Does it mean to Become a Christian?
  • What are Justification and Adoption?
  • What are Sanctification and Perseverance?
  • What is Death?
  • What is the Church?
  • What will Happen when Christ Returns?
  • What is the final Judgement?
  • What is Heaven?

It is a joy to watch as students really dig into these topics. As believers it is important to understand, develop, and defend our beliefs on certain topics of the Bible. Theology is important because what we believe affects how we live every day. Doctrine and Dialogue is preparing students to know how to walk a non-believer friend through these topics, but also preparing them for future leadership in the church.

I invite you to pray for these students as they learn what it is as Christians we believe, but also as they walk through these topics with their friends. It is encouraging to know that college students want to have a solid stand on these issues and maybe this will encourage all of us to do the same.

Here is what UNT said about What is the Resurrection? Just click on the link and it will show you the interviews from students on campus.


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