Election Day provides opportunity to express citizenship

by Kathryn Freeman on October 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Bible exhorts Christians to be good citizens while on earth (Romans 13:1-8). Voting is one of the foundational requirements to good citizenship. With Election Day quickly approaching it is important to head to the polls. We, as believers, should actively engage in understanding the policy issues affecting our communities and neighbors. We should vote in accordance to God's agenda for this world and not just on blind allegiance to a political party or person.

To that end, we should evaluate for ourselves, in accordance with Scripture, which candidates''stated priorities best align with the Word of God. These are some good questions to consider when deciding which candidate deserves your vote.

●Are they concerned about addressing the needs of the poor?

●Will they protect the sanctity of life?

●Are they committed to protecting children and the vulnerable from exploitation"

●Will they respect the separation of church and state"

●Will they work on ensuring a justice system that protects the innocent and is fair for all?

●Are they looking to increase economic opportunity for all citizens or just enrich a few?

While no one will prioritize issues in the exact same manner, these are concerns expressed by Christ or historically valued by Baptists. As his disciples, we seek to follow His example not just in how we live, but also in how we vote.

While voting is a critical building block for effective citizenship, it should not be the only one. It is equally important to make contact with your elected officials whether through writing letters or visiting their offices. It is important that they hear from you about the issues that matter to you as a Christian. Our voting and civic engagement should reflect the priorities and principles of Christ.

Christians should be engaged in the broader culture, and we should be making a positive impact for the kingdom of God. One way to make a positive impact in our pluralistic society is by making sure we help elect qualified and committed public servants who will serve the common good, not just the interests of the few.

Early voting ends Friday, Oct. 31, and Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4.

The Texas League of Women Voters' provides a non-partisan guide to the positions of the various candidates in English and Spanish.

To find out who currently represents you, visit Who Represents Me? at www.capitol.state.tx.us.

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