Football season is here

by Ferrell Foster on September 3, 2015 in Culture

It must be football season because I dreamed about Bob Stoops last night. For those who don't know, Stoops is coach of the Oklahoma Sooners.

I hate the Oklahoma Sooners. They're like the evil Pied Pipers of Texas, luring our high school football players across the Red River, and who knows what happens north of the border.

The bad thing about my dream was that Stoops was a nice guy. He, one of my sons, and I were actually planning an IT startup together. It was all cutting edge; we were building a new thing called a personal television that was big and boxy. OK, dreams can be really strange. The main thing was this: What was Bob Stoops doing in one of my dreams posing as a nice guy? Very frustrating.

Back to football. Teams I like:

  • The Dallas Cowboys, that's the players not the owner. I grew up with Tom Landry, Don Meredith, Bob Lilly, and Roger Staubach. I grew to like Jimmy Johnson because I like to win. I never liked Jerry Jones because the first I heard of him he was firing Landry. Then, he couldn't get along with Johnson. No Super Bowls; no love.
  • The Texas Longhorns because my Dad loves them, took me to some games when I was young, and always watched them on TV (when they were on in the pre-cable days). I was in the Cotton Bowl on Jan. 1, 1970, when the Longhorns beat Notre Dame for the national championship. I was not there the next year when they lost, and I think my absence is why.
  • The Baylor Bears because they're Baptists. My dad taught me to pull for them because of their faith, except when they played the Longhorns, which is when faith didn't matter. I like the Bears more now because they actually win but more so because a friend gave me four tickets to a game a few years back and thus made a monster Bears fan out of my youngest grandson. Where my grandchildren go; I go.
  • The Texas A&M Aggies, sort of. My dad taught me to pull for Texas teams when they play out of state, and that's what the Aggies do now. So I pull for them. But if they ever get up the gumption to play Texas or Baylor again, or if they get forced to do so by a playoff system, then my older loyalties rule.
  • The Green Bay Packers because two of my daughters love these guys. Let me clarify. I hate the Packers of the 1960s because they beat Dallas in the NFL championship games before Super Bowls I and II. Do not mention the Ice Bowl or I start having problems dealing with reality. I only like the Packers of Reggie White, Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and Jordy Nelson (ouch, that knee injury hurt).
  • The Georgetown Eagles because I now live in this town, and any self-respecting Texan pulls for the local high school team.

Teams I don't like, besides Oklahoma, which I already mentioned:

  • Ohio State because back in the 1960s Texas and the Buckeyes seemed to always be numbers one and two in the national polls, and Dad said it was because the sportswriters and coaches had a Big Ten (read Yankee) bias. I always told him it wasn't so, but sons will sometimes argue points they don't really hold. My son-in-law grew up a Buckeyes fan, but he's late to the game; my opinion is already set.
  • Washington Redskins because they play the Cowboys twice a year. For some reason, I don't dislike the Philadelphia Eagles or New York Giants quite so much. I think the reason is that the Redskins uniforms are uglier. By the way, uniforms matter. The Cowboys' unies are major cool. The Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans need a new tailor if they ever want respectability.
  • Any team that plays my teams, except when my teams play each other in college football.

There is actually no spiritual meaning to this post whatsoever. No, wait; I've got something.

If we want to evaluate our spiritual lives, compare it to our football lives. Do we get passionate or do we go to sleep? Enough said, I suspect. I need to pray. And, by the way, I never pray for football wins; my dad taught me better than that.

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