​God moving every step of the way

by Jenifer Wilkes on January 6, 2015 in News

I just recently got back from Bennington, Vermont for a mission trip. While there, I saw God work in miraculous ways, and it took almost no time at all. The collegiate director at Summit Church, the church we worked alongside, constantly told us to pray before we act. Throughout the week we saw just what the power of prayer could do.

Our first day after arrival, we went to Rutland to help with the first preview service of a new church, Rutland City Church. While we were on our way and even when we got there we prayed for God to move and for people to just come. That day about 65 people showed up and five accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, which is huge for any church in Vermont. According to the collegiate director, Lauren Cartwright, usually there will be about 30 people even show up.

A couple of days later, we took a tour of Southern Vermont College then ate lunch in the dining hall. By this point, Lauren had not come in contact with one believer on this campus. While we were there, we had conversations with many students and at least four shared they were believers and wanted to get plugged in to some sort of college ministry, then they were introduced to Lauren and one student came to the game night that was hosted the following night.

A few days later we set up at a music shop and played live music. While some people did that we had three groups rotating between prayer walking, staying in the store, and setting up solarium cards at a coffee shop. That night we had two really huge conversations. One was with a guy named Andrew, he said he had grown up Christian but now he doesn't believe in God. When we had first got there he stayed sitting on the couch, but once he had finished with the solarium cards, he would not stay sitting still for more than about a minute at a time.

Later, I had a conversation with a guy named Steve. I don't remember a lot of what I had said to him, I just know that I prayed for the Lord's help in that conversation and that is what I got. I found out he was a part of the Jehovah's Witnesses and had been baptized, but since he started smoking pot and having relations with women outside of marriage he was kicked out of his house and the Jehovah's Witnesses. He still goes to the worship services, but no one is allowed to talk to him. We talked about forgiveness and how Jesus forgives us no matter what we have done. Later on in the conversation I asked him what he thought it meant to be saved or to follow Christ. His answer was being honest with yourself and everyone else around you, so then I talked to him about what it truly means to have a relationship with and to follow Christ.

There are other wonderful things that happened in Vermont, and it was obvious that God was moving every step of the way and every conversation. At the end of the trip, Lauren told our group that she had seen more spiritual activity in those 10 days than she has in the five months she has been there.

Jenifer Wilkes is a student at Tarleton State University and served as a Go Now missionary over Christmas break in Vermont.

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