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by Kara Kistner on April 21, 2014 in Great Commandment

GUADALAJARA, Mexico - Hands in Service, an organization that receives funding from Texas Baptist Hunger Offering, provides family garden workshops through missions and churches in the poverty belt around the city of Guadalajara and other communities, as well as in rural areas. These workshops help train and educate people to grow their own food to provide better nutrition at a lower cost.

1hTlajomulcoCurrentGarden3Family Gardens is a project designed and carried out in cooperation with Manos Hermanas, in Guadalajara and numerous other areas where space is available to train and optimize intensive gardens to benefit those in poverty to help them feed their families who are not able to support themselves on other means. Families are able to provide food for their own consumption, as well as sell their food for income.

"We are working with Jorge Ramirez, pastor of the Jesus Christ is Lord Baptist Church, to initiate this and four other projects in other poverty zones on the outskirts of Guadalajara, Jalisco," said Lee Baggett, coordinator at Hands in Service.

This intensive garden method for urban areas, teaches how to take advantage of roofs, balconies, and small back yards, that otherwise would be of no use. With an agronomist and a biologist working with the program, they are also able to teach the nutritional and economical advantages of different crops that can be grown in the gardens to improve health in the communities.


"Not only will it better their health as families and a surrounding community," said Baggett. "It will also improve their economic situations to be able to provide for their families at less cost."

At the present time, 75 families in three different sectors of the community have received training, and they are scheduled to begin training with other groups around the area later in the year.

The Texas Baptist Hunger Offering helps support 180 ministries just like this one around the world that are working to end the cycle of hunger and poverty experienced by so many. This year, in honor of mom's, churches are holding a special offering on Mother's Day to support the offering. So this May 11th, let's not simply pass the plate in church - let's fill it. Please consider holding a special offering in your church on Mother's Day.

Why? Because every mother's child needs a meal.

For more information on the Mother's Day Hunger Offering, click here.


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