Helpful tips for your Mom's Day sermons

by Joe Loughlin on May 6, 2015 in Faith

Imhbao*, Mothers' Day is THE riskiest Sunday of the year for a pastor. Here are some lessons I've learned so far:

  1. Keep it in the fairway - no trick shots; #youwillblowit.

  2. Do NOT use sports analogies (as I did in #1 above).

  3. Speak to their hearts as opposed to their heads (Moms are smarter than the rest of us anyway and don't need How-to's).

  4. Stories not points. Better yet, story.

  5. Be positive, uplifting, encouraging - don't EVEN bring up the lady in Proverbs 31; most ladies dread the comparison.

  6. Preach no more than half as long as usual - it's all about brunch/lunch.

*In my humble but accurate opinion.

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