Hunger in Honduras: The face of a thankful heart

by Kalie Lowrie on April 10, 2014 in Great Commandment

CATULACA, Honduras - Felipe is paralyzed from the waist down after a tragic accident about five years ago. He has undergone eight surgeries and was forced to sell most of his land to pay for the medical procedures. He was the primary breadwinner for his family of six and now many times they wonder how they will eat. The family raises pigs for income and has many chickens roaming around the yard to provide sustenance.

When we arrived at his house today, Felipe, his wife, daughter and brother were overjoyed to see Shannon Hopkins, a missionary with 61 Isaiah Ministries, and his friends. They were also beyond thankful for the food that was delivered, food made possible through gifts to the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering. Food that helps supplement the meager means this family couldn't otherwise afford.

It was so clear that the relationship Shannon has developed with Felipe's family is one of love and trust. Felipe proudly held up his audio-translated Bible, his eyes full of joy, as he showed Shannon he had been listening. When he feels afraid or when troubles overcome him, Felipe shared he has found great hope and comfort listening to the word of God.

Honduras Blog Post 2-4Currently, Shannon and his ministry partner Kevin come to this house every Wednesday to hold a Bible study. They are studying 1 John and teaching Felipe and his family what it means to know Jesus personally and to call on Him at all times. Felipe is praying for a miracle - for God to heal his body and allow him to walk again. He has faith in God and has seen God's hand of provision in his life.

Through 61 Isaiah Ministries, Shannon looks for ways to help those in need in his area - people like Felipe and his family who are in a difficult time of life and need extra help and encouragement. Their prayer is that through these gifts of food, time and love, friends can come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

The Texas Baptist Hunger Offering helps to provide funds for 61 Isaiah Ministries to serve those in need in Honduras. This is why we give - to see lives touched and changed. To see God glorified. To see needs being met each and every day. This is just one story of a life that has been touched by the Hunger Offering. It is amazing to see how far reaching this offering goes.

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