Hunger offering inspires others to give back

by Kara Kistner on April 7, 2014 in Great Commandment

FORT WORTH - This year churches are holding a special offering on Mother's Day to support the Mother's Day Hunger Offering. By uniting the efforts of Texas Baptists, we can raise $1 million this Mother's Day to end hunger one mom at a time. One mom that has received help from this offering is a woman named Kay Schmenk.

Kay Schmenk is a 73-year-old who has been participating in the Senior Supplement Program, a monthly feeding program at Northside Inter-Community Agency (NICA), since 2006. She lives off of her Social Security check each month of less than $700.

NICA, one of several ministries in Fort Worth that receives support through the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering, provides food, clothing and self-help programs to families on the north side of Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

Kay has always expressed a gratitude for the food and services she has received from the agency, and last year she made the decision to start living on a little less so that she could pay back the people who have helped her. Now she proudly brings in $10 each month when she picks up her groceries.

MDHO Story 3"I wanted to give back so that others might also receive the same help and love I have," Kay said.

NICA's vision includes the whole family; physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects. Providing a hand-up, not just a handout is how the agency operates their services. The most pressing needs are met through their direct aid programs while long-term goals are met through case management, crisis counseling, employment, education and community services.

"Our aim is to aid and empower to provide or link people to opportunities to get back on their feet, to strengthen their families and ultimately to strengthen their neighborhoods," said Beverly Hewett, coordinator at NICA.

On May 11th, let's not simply pass the plate in church - let's fill it. Please consider holding a special offering in your church on Mother's Day for the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering. Why? Because every mother's child needs a meal.

"We are very grateful for contributions from the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering, which are used towards this important community service," said Hewett.

For more information on the Mother's Day Hunger Offering, click here.

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