Is your church ready for the boomer generation?

by Keith Lowry on August 8, 2017 in Great Commission

In 2011, baby boomers started reaching the ripe age of 65, at the rate of 10,000 per day, or approximately 4 million per year. This huge, growing wave of aging boomers will continue to grow and crest until 2029.

The impact this tsunami of aging boomers will have on every aspect of our society, including our churches, is seen in several stunning statistics, including:

  • In 2017, for the first time in American history, there are more people over the age of 50 than under 50.

  • From 2010 to 2030, just 20 years, the number of people 65 and over in this country will more than double, from 40 million, to more than 80 million. (Just imagine the impact on our society, on your church!)

  • Boomers control more than 70% of the disposable income in the U.S., and in the second half of their lives, they’re looking for a way to leave a legacy and/or make an impact.

The fact is, many boomers feel like they wasted the first half of their lives, working 60-70 hour weeks, throwing away their lives in pursuits that gained and left them nothing. Many boomers, in the process of building financial empires (and often losing them), lost their families or at least access to them. Having come to reassess their lives, a large portion of baby boomers are examining how they want to invest the remainder of their time. They want to make a difference and impact, and leave a legacy.

Card games and organized tours aren’t enough

The problem is, when they visit many, if not most of our churches, they are directed to our legacy senior adult ministries. These ministries have been, for the most part, focused on trips, card games, and dinners geared toward ministering to the needs of the retired silent generation who oftentimes just wanted to relax and enjoy their golden years after building the church and our society.

To the majority of these boomers, the very idea of being considered a “senior adult” is insulting, and being asked to attend a dinner that starts at 4:30 p.m. (so everyone can get home before dark) is unheard of! Boomers are busy. They are active. They still want to change the world. And they’re capable.

Many boomers have served as CEO’s and managers and have led corporations. They are creative and anxious to find outlets for all the energy they have to make a difference.

Tools to equip your church for boomer ministry

The National Boomer Ministry Conference, “Catch the Boomer Wave”, Sept. 6-8 at Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas, is designed to help every church, minister and pastor understand how to integrate and effective boomer ministry into your church without losing your current and beloved legacy senior adult ministry.

Boomers likely will not merge into your existing legacy senior adult ministry, but there are ways for the two to work together.

Additionally, boomers can be very effective at assisting you at reaching millennials, the new largest generation in America. Millennials are often searching for someone with a solid marriage to mentor them. Someone who can provide help and solid advice as they raise their families. And many millennials do not live near their parents or extended families. So baby boomers in your church can serve as mentors to these struggling young adults who seek some solidity in relationships. As we break down the generational silos in our churches, boomers and others can be of great value in reaching and ministering to other generations.

Outstanding speakers and special discount for lead pastors

The list of incredible breakout sessions and keynote speakers this year is the best we’ve ever had at the 2017 National Boomer Conference. Speakers include:

  • Dennis Swanberg - motivational speaker, teacher, preacher

  • Steve Stroope - senior pastor, Lakepointe Church, Rockwall, TX

  • Ron Edmunson - pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church, Lexington, KY

  • Todd Wagner - senior pastor, Watermark Church, Dallas, TX

  • Amy Hanson - speaker, writer

If your hurry, you can register your lead pastor for just $50 for the Thursday sessions using our Buddy Pass!  Don’t miss this opportunity to come prepare your church for the coming wave.  

If you’re a surfer, you know the only way to be prepared to surf a coming wave is to be pointed in the right direction, and already be paddling and up to speed when the wave arrives. Then, you can hop up on your board and surf like a pro.  If you’re sitting there unaware, you’ll get bowled over by the wave every time.

Don’t get bowled over! Register today! The Lead Pastor Buddy Pass is available through Aug. 14.

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