My loud mouth and God's appointments

by Guest Author on July 10, 2014 in Evangelism and Missions

Surely if you know me well, you have seen the openness in many of my responses that are without thought. From time to time my "loud mouth" has led me to conflict, but recently it opened a door for a friendship with a girl named Enus to continue to grow!

During a conversation, Enus mentioned how she was going to go shopping and immediately the words that came out of my mouth were, "Can we come with you?"

She smiled so big and replied, "Yes!"

So we spent our day shopping with our friend. We were able to shine the light of Christ to Enus outside of teaching English and talking about Isa. We have just loved her for being one of God's creations, for being our friend. We have loved her with great hope that Christ is at work in her heart and that she would know God as her Savior.

As we were saying bye to Enus after the adventure at the market, she invited us to break the fast with her. She asked us to join her family for the big meal that they will cook to end the day of fasting.

Maria Castorena is a student at West Texas A&M University serving as a Go Now summer missionary in Detroit, Michigan. Pray for her ministry as she engages with unreached Arab Americans in the city.

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