May is a time for celebrating and giving

by Ali Hearon on April 20, 2016 in CLC

May is a month of celebration and gathering around the table. As we take time to honor mothers and wish our best to recent grads, several in our communities will face the reality of food insecurity. In Texas, one in six families do not know where they will get their next meal.* Globally, one in nine of our neighbors are malnourished.** Hunger is an overwhelming issue, but we may respond with practical hope.

When facing complex problems, I sometimes find myself feeling frozen by my own questions: "How can I make a dent...What type of food do people need or want?"

To others who may feel small before a giant need, I offer this bit of encouragement: 

Love the person in front of you. I guarantee there is a person in your community, commute, or workplace that struggles with hunger. Ask Jesus for eyes to see and be willing to take time to slow down, invest in a relationship, volunteer an hour, and provide a meal. 

Give to the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering. The Hunger Offering is a collective effort that aims to alleviate hunger and help people get out of poverty. When you give to the Hunger Offering, you join countless others and make a greater impact on hunger in our state and around the globe. We cannot feed every family alone, but we can serve thousands together. 

May is a vital time for the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering. Please mark your church calendars and spread the word!  

Mother’s Day Hunger Offering: May 8

Every mother deserves a day. Every child deserves a day. This Mother’s Day, join many churches across the state and hold a special offering to end hunger. 

5th Sunday Hunger Offering: May 29

May 29 is the second Hunger Offering 5th Sunday of 2016. Gather your church and take up a special offering to end hunger.

Find more information online about the Mother’s Day or the  5th Sunday Hunger Offerings or feel free to reach out to me at or 512-473-2288. 

At the recent Micah 6:8 Conference, Jen Hatmaker declared that there are too many issues of injustice for one person to engage in every issue. She explained that we cannot all play every instrument, but we can each play our note. When we play our notes together, we make a song worth hearing. May you prayerfully consider playing your note by loving the person in front of you and giving to Texas Baptist Hunger Offering this May.

*Coleman-Jensen, A.; Rabbitt, M., Gregory, C., & Singh, A. (2015). Household Food Security in the United States in 2014. USDA ERS

** State of Food Insecurity in the World, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2015. 

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