Merry Christmas from Texas to Europe

by Ferrell Foster on December 2, 2015 in CLC

Serbian Baptists have risen up to meet the vast needs of Middle East refugees arriving in their country. Now, a Texas Baptist family is sending $15,000 to help meet the need.

The ongoing work and the new gift are, in a way, a Christmas gift of love to a mostly Muslim people in need. The Texas Baptist Hunger Offering has facilitated the connection between Texas and Europe.

I contacted the European Baptist Federation a few months ago as the migration became prominent news around the world. EBF personnel worked to clearly identify specific ways funds could be used well in addressing the crisis, because we wanted the money to be used to support local Baptist ministry.

The need arose in south Serbia, but declines in giving to the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering made it impossible to free up extra dollars for the project. So, I called a dear friend, Jackie Baugh Moore. Within 48 hours, the Baugh Foundation had approved the $15,000 gift.

It is hard for the CLC staff to express our deep gratitude to the Baugh family and to Baptists around the world. The Baugh family has expressed great generosity through the years in supporting various Baptist efforts. And our connections with Baptists around the world made it possible to address needs through specific Christ-centered work.

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