No room to boast

by Jude Davis on January 28, 2015 in Great Commission

It was a Thursday night. I had already cleaned the floors and the bathrooms, set up the chairs for the night, and pulled together a slideshow with all the lyrics for the night on it. It was our first Worship service of the semester.

The stressful part of the day was over and I was ready to just sit back and sing praises to Him like every Thursday before. However, God had a different plan. He had a night planned that was nothing like, yet far better, than any service we had had before.

That night, God worked on me. In fact, I spent most of those two hours in tears. God began convicting me as I stood there singing. Reading the words as they came across the screen. He began showing me how much I was still holding onto. How I was still trying to do things on my own.

As we sang "How He Loves," a song I'd sung hundreds of times before, I buckled. I could no longer stand, but had to drop and cry out to the Father. I was reminded of how much I didn't deserve that love that I had been singing about. Of how nothing I do could ever earn this love. And how much I had taken that for granted.

I am a sinner, set free, by Grace! I have no room to boast. But this story doesn't end there. Praise God, I wasn't the only one He was speaking to that night.

We had a guest speaker come in that night to share his story. After finishing, a young man walked up to him and asked him to share more. He wanted to know more about this Jesus that he spoke about and how he had changed his life.

That night, this young man gave his life to the Lord. God is working here in Hilo, HI and He is drawing people to himself. Praise God that He allows us to take part in His ministry.

Jude Davis is a student at Wayland Baptist University and is serving as a semester missionary in Hilo, Hawaii.

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