Of skinny jeans and cool socks

by Ferrell Foster on February 26, 2015 in Culture

A few years ago, a TV beer commercial introduced me to skinny jeans. I thought skinny jeans had to be the most stupid jeans idea yet, at least for guys. But, no, they are proliferating.

And just the other day, a skinny-jean-wearing friend told me about the newest trend: the slim, shortened legging, which enabled people to see his socks. Why on earth would anyone want to see my socks? He showed me his socks, and they were kind of cool and colorful. I realized then that no one would want to see my socks because they are not interesting; they are always one basic dark color.

If I had my druthers, I would wear jeans every day of the week. To work, it would be jeans and a button-up shirt. To play, it would be jeans and a t-shirt. To church, it would be jeans and a polo, with a sport jacket.

This says much about my fashion sense; it's almost non-existent. I like to be comfortable, and jeans are comfortable.

It used to be pretty simple buying jeans. You walked into the store, picked your brand, found your size and paid.

Not so, now. There used to be just Levi, Wrangler and Lee. (I started with Lee as a boy, then switched to Levi as a teenager, then got priced out of that market and into Walmart Wranglers with no "W" stitched on the hip, which I understand really means they are not Wranglers.)

There now are seemingly thousands of brands and hundreds of styles for each brand. I can't keep up.

I have strong doubts that the day will ever come when I will be caught dead in a pair of skinny jeans, and my wife had better not bury me in them. But I would kind of like to be a cool-and-colorful sock guy.

What do people see when they get past the outer layer of our reality? Do they see someone who is alive and engaged in relationships of love to the point that others say, "Cool." I hope so.

To love God with all of one's being and to love others as much as oneself is amazingly different from most folks. Most people are so in love with self that every decision is made with this self-love in mind, and everyone else soon realizes this. Despite this self-love, most do not want other people to know it; they want to mask the truth. They want to keep their "spiritual socks" hidden.

Maybe it's time we started wearing some spiritual skinny jeans so people can see our spiritual socks, so they can see what really makes us tick. Of course, this means we have to put on cool spiritual socks every single day.

I would not want people to say, "Man, those are really self-centered socks you have on today. Nothing interesting there. You're just like everyone else."

I would much rather people say, "Man, those are cool socks. You must love God and people to wear those socks."

And I can reply, "They are Jesus socks. It's a pretty cool brand. You ought to try them."

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