Painting Nails with the nations

by Guest Contributor on September 22, 2014 in Great Commission

As the doorbell rang, I answered it not knowing what to expect. Although I had participated and planned ministry events as a student, this was one of my first events to host as a brand new Campus Missionary Intern. “Would it be awkward?” I wondered. “Would we find things to talk about?” I, along with my roommates Putti and Caitlyn (who also work at the UTA BSM), was hosting a girl’s night at our house. The idea was simple: we would paint our nails, eat snacks, and just have fun!

Girls on the leadership team invited girls from their dorms, international students, and girls they met at bible study. We made cookies, popped some popcorn, and whipped up some pitchers of lemonade and iced tea. Combining our nail polish, we must have had over 100 various colors to choose from. The first girls trickled in a little nervously, but we found things to chat about over our pink lemonade. As the crowd grew and our front room became more crowded, the nail painting and bonding began.

There were girls from all over different parts of Texas and at different stages of college; and there were international students from South Korea, England, India, and China, among others. At one point I looked over and saw a girl from India getting her nails painted by a Chinese girl. The idea we had was so simple, but God is so big. Nail night was a beautiful picture of the nations coming together under one roof to fellowship and pave the way for future spiritual conversations. God reminded me of something that night, that it wasn’t up to me or my social skills for fruitful conversations and sweet fellowship to take place, or even avoid awkward situations. Although God uses us to forge relationships, He is the Mighty One at work in people’s hearts.

Beth Dahl serves as a campus missionary at the University of Texas in Arlington.

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