Philippines Typhoon: Smile through the storm

by Kalie Lowrie on December 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

CONCEPCION, the Philippines - Pastor Noel and his family sat together in their home, praying that the Lord would protect and deliver them from Typhoon Haiyan. While they were huddled together, the storm blew around them and they heard a large crash and fall just yards away from their home.

When the rain stopped and the wind died down, they walked outside to see Hillside Gospel Church completely demolished. The pile of wood, metal and concrete that remains is a visible representation of the destruction of the storm, but it is also a testimony of God's provision as their lives were spared that day. Pastor Noel was so grateful for the protection that his family received from the Lord during the storm and now, they are praying for a means to rebuild their church.

After trekking up a hill, over slippery, broken coconut shells, branches and trunks from uprooted trees, and debris, our team saw the rubble that remains of Hillside Gospel Church. We gathered together and prayed for Pastor Noel and for his congregation. We prayed for God to move in the lives of the church members and that their faith would grow as they rely upon the Lord day by day to provide.

The need for help in this area is unbelievably great and there are many stories like this one at Hillside Gospel Church. Please pray with us about how you or your church might be able to help rebuild a church like this in Concepcion.

Typhoon Blog 3.2A precious four-year-old little girl and her mother sang a song for me this afternoon.

With Jesus in my vessel I can smile through the storm Smile through the storm Smile through the storm With Jesus in my vessel I can smile through the storm Until He leads me home

As they sang these words, my eyes filled with tears, because they knew the truth in these words. Jesus was with them through the storm. He was their great protector through this enormous storm that forever changed their lives. And this precious little one's smile will forever stay with me. She is smiling through the storm. She may never remember what life was like before Typhoon Haiyan hit her city, but she knows that the Lord is with her. She has a reason to smile.

As plans develop, funds will be needed to begin reconstruction efforts. To donate to Texas Baptist Disaster Recovery, click here. To donate to TBM disaster efforts, click here.

To read daily updates from the field be sure to check out our blog by clicking here.

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