Planting seeds at Beach Reach

by Guest Author on March 24, 2015 in Great Commission

I am a recent sister in Christ. I was baptized on February 15, 2015, and God called me to South Padre Island for Spring Break. I struggle with anxiety and the fear of the unknown, but God kept telling me I was needed for Beach Reach. So I faithfully followed God's call with my new BSM family to give free van rides and serve pancakes to those on spring break.

At the beginning of the week, I struggled with my ability to effectively serve God. However, my team members did not let me give up. They encouraged me and loved me when I did not love myself. I got to see God work through not only my team, but the other Beach Reachers on the island as well. I got to serve alongside my best friend. I made new friends so quickly; it's kind of hard not to when you're living in a house with 20 people.

Being new in my walk with Christ, I was scared of not knowing enough or not being qualified, at least as much as everyone else, but I found out quickly that no matter the amount of training you have, Jesus is the only qualification you need.

To see God work through me was mind blowing. I try to think back to certain nights and certain people, but I do not remember much because it wasn't me who was talking, it was God. However, I do remember this one occasion when my team talked to a man named Blake and his friend Joey for an hour and a half. Blake went to a Catholic school before going to college, so he knew God and he knew what he was doing was wrong. Blake had many questions and doubted himself, so he was unable to have faith in what God was doing for him.

Each one of my team members had shared with him. God kept burdening my heart telling me I needed to tell him a little bit of my story. I waited for a break in the conversation and blurted out, "I need to tell you what God is putting on my heart." I told him about my struggle with anxiety and speaking to strangers in general, then I told him about my best friend who survived her attempt at suicide and how inspiring she is to me. I told him that if Jesus was not in my heart, I would not have the courage or strength to be even looking at him, but by God working through me to share his Word, I was able to conquer all of those fears.

Looking at where I was spiritually before Beach Reach and now, I am in awe of how much God has grown in me. Towards the end of the week, I began to get discouraged. I felt like I was failing God, and I wasn't serving him to the best of my ability, but I had to realize that God does not make mistakes. If I was just supposed to pray over someone or just ask them how their day was going then that was what I was supposed to do.

I am confident that God planted seeds through me and helped me conquer things I have fought with for so long. I used to not ever speak about my walk with Christ, but now I am confident and proud of where I am in my spiritual walk. My best friend told me there was going to be a salvation over and over again on Thursday when I was at my lowest point and she told me it was going to be on her van and she was right!!! God surprises me every single time and I'm speechless. It was the absolute best week of my life and I cannot wait to go back.

Cassity Edwards, is a student at Sam Houston State University.

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