Political leaders still need to address immigration issues

by Gus Reyes on December 11, 2014 in CLC

Recently, President Obama announced steps he is taking to help undocumented immigrants living in our country. The executive action increases border security in addition to providing temporary relief for some families and individuals.

Despite the President's actions, the immigration system remains broken and in need of significant attention. We still need a permanent, holistic immigration bill that secures the borders, affirms families, treats people with dignity, and gives clarity with regards to status in this country.

My hope is for our legislative leaders to work together with the President to bring resolution to the immigration issue in our country. Let us pray for our President and Congress as they strive to move this country forward.

As Christ-followers, the Bible calls us to care for the strangers among us. We should all be concerned about the plight of our neighbors and brothers and sisters in Christ. Many of these individuals and their families have been in our country for ten years or more and have been working to build our communities, obtaining college degrees, and serving in our churches. I am thankful to God that millions of good, hard-working people will now be able to work legally in the United States, whereas before they had to live in the shadows while working to make our nation productive and strong.

Business leaders, law enforcement officials, and ministers representing evangelical denominations continue to work together to encourage progress in this area.

Join me in praying for greater progress and collaboration between the Congress and the President of the United State related to this significant issue.

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