​Promising God my 'Yes'

by Guest Author on March 3, 2015 in Great Commission

In early February, 182 Texas BSM students gathered at First Baptist Church in Midlothian for Go Now Missions' Discovery Weekend, where they prayed and sought out God's calling for how they would spend summer 2015. Chelsea Bradley, a BSM student from Tarleton State University, writes about her experience from the weekend and shares how God opened her heart to a task she did not think He would have in store for her:

I came to Discovery Weekend with a very specific trip on my heart. I remember telling my friends beforehand, "If I'm appointed to this trip, I'm definitely going. But if not, then I know God wants me to stay home this summer." I felt certain, beyond any doubt, that this trip was the reason God had dropped the Go Now Missions book into my hands.

But as soon as I joined Group 11 for dinner, the Lord blasted me with conviction. I was at a table full of people fully open to wherever He called them to, and I'd had the arrogance to arrive with my offer for Him. For the rest of the evening I chewed on the idea of just… going. Could I even consider the possibility of accepting a trip other than the one I'd had my heart set on for months?

Our night at FBC Midlothian (a church that absolutely oozes hospitality and love, by the way) concluded with an excellent speaker who delivered a sobering question to the students before him: "Are you willing to give God your YES, right now, before He's even put an offer on the table?"

A man I respect very much once said, "Disciples make decisions before they are faced with them."

I am a disciple of Christ. Most of the time, I feel confident in His guidance – I can share the Gospel with no trembling in my voice; I can extend my hands to the needy with little hesitation; I can speak passionately on behalf of the suffering – but it's easy to follow Christ when you can see exactly where He's pointing you. For the first time ever, my good, patient Father was demanding an immediate answer from me – Will you go where I tell you, no strings attached? Are the people I've called you to more important than the place you serve them in? I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I truly wrestled with this. But that night, I promised Him my yes, no matter what.

And you know something? I wasn't appointed to the trip I'd been so set on. But I'd given God my yes, and so the moment I received my appointment email, I accepted the position without hesitation. Any disappointment I felt was immediately replaced by the peace of knowing that my Father is so much wiser than I could ever be. He's already seen the big picture!

I know that the beautiful, treasured women the Lord has placed on my heart are waiting for me this summer, and I am full of unspeakable joy when I think of the adventure I am about to embark on.

Disciples make decisions before they are faced with them – and God is faithful in return.

Be in prayer for all the BSM students who accepted an appointment to serve as summer missionaries around the state, the country and the world. Learn more about Go Now Missions by visiting gonowmissions.org.

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