The Israel battlefield, from the eyes of a missionary

by Guest Author on August 14, 2014 in News

Lana Fashi Zayed is a missionary in Israel with the Arabic Church of Dallas as her sending church. She asks for prayer as she and her husband search for a vehicle and give birth to their firstborn this month. They will be visiting Texas next summer to share about living and ministering in Israel.

The church-based mission sending fund provided by gifts to the worldwide offering of BGCT provides matching funding to the Arabic Baptist Church to support Zayed's ministry. For information on how to support the fund please contact Ryan Jespersen at or (214) 828-5278.

Oh started quietly, but was elevated in a blink of an eye into a shockingly disturbing time as we watched first the human kidnappings of the Israeli boys and then their killings. After that we saw the Palestinian boy and the absolutely heart wrenching way he was killed, which all led to this open fire and this war in our beloved Israel.

I can't describe the feelings we are experiencing as we watch this war unfold in front of our eyes knowing that it is so close to us and yet our feelings alternate between disbelief, anguish, pain, fear and hopelessness. Yes, I felt hopeless as I stood watching TV images showing dead bodies and blood, rockets and torn down houses and mostly sadness for the lives lost in vain.

This is our human reaction to this bloody war, and it is our limited influence on it. It took both my husband and I and even our church some time to process this shock and depart from media devices and here and there talks to finally uplift this situation to the Lord with all our hearts for he is the one and only who can change matters.

Open prayer meetings to seek God's face and mercy on this situation were held at our place two times in a row and will continue as we see God's hands move to make peace and settle things. We thank God for the recent cease-fire and will continue to lift our spirits and our voices for him to interfere and stop this bloodshed. We are also praying for believers who could enter Gaza now and for missionary work there as it is a sensitive time. I pray for healing and reconciliation for both Palestinians and Israelis, for Jesus to mend the broken hearts and lives.

We are doing all we can in the meantime and hope to see things change as the saints pray here and worldwide.

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