Transforming parents, families and communities through Raising Highly Capable Kids

by Gabriel Cortés, Director of the Hispanic Education Initiative on November 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

When was the last time your church actively ministered for 13 consecutive weeks to families of the community in a public school? In the 2014-2015 school year, two of our Hispanic churches were able to do this. So far, in the current school year (2015-2016) there are 13 churches ready to start doing this in their communities. They do this through our "Raising Highly Capable Kids" program.

"Raising Highly Capable Kids" is a course for parents designed to be offered in churches and communities, but especially in public schools. The curriculum is 13 weeks, and is based on Christian parenting principles that have been proven effective through research and evidence. This program was begun by the Christian organization Focus on the Family, and we in the Texas Baptists Hispanic Education Initiative (HEI) work with them to bring it to communities throughout the state through congregations like yours.

What then does your church have to do to begin "Raising Highly Capable Kids" in a school in your community? Follow these steps:

  • Contact our office by calling (214) 887-5426 or by writing to .
  • The pastor and a leader of the congregation that are going to lead this ministry need to participate in a three-hour training in the "Raising Highly Capable Kids" program.
  • Contact a school in your area and offer your help in providing "Raising Highly Capable Kids" for students' parents.
  • Order a "Raising Highly Capable Kids" book for each father or mother who will take the course.
  • Just start the program at a school in your community.

How can the HEI help you in this process? We can provide direction and advice throughout the process. When we schedule a training session in your area we provide you the details and the materials your church would need to begin "Raising Highly Capable Kids" and how to teach it. This includes a teacher's guide, a student manual and a USB with all the PowerPoint presentations for the 13 weeks, certificates, advertising flyers, videos and other resources at no cost to you, or your church. We can also help you get a very good discount when ordering the manuals for parents. We are committed to help you in every way possible, so you can begin this ministry in your community. It is possible and it's within your reach.

Believe it or not, our greatest challenge is not to convince public schools to open their doors to a church and collaborate with them to offer the "Raising Highly Capable Kids" program. Our greatest challenge is to find churches willing and available to get out of their comfort zone, extending their arms to a school community and be the hands and feet of Christ.

For me, the best way for a congregation to establish a relationship with their community and meet a real need with the love of Jesus, is by starting the "Raising Highly Capable Kids" program in a school in their area.

Ask yourself, "If my church closes its doors permanently, will the community miss it? Is the ministry we do in the neighborhood such that if we ceased to exist the community would feel the impact?" Probably the answer to this question is "No". Begin the program "Raising Highly Capable Kids" and it will change to "Yes". We are in this world to make a difference for the glory of God. Let us begin today.

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