What is your growth plan?

by Leah Reynolds on July 20, 2015 in News

If someone were to ask, "What is your growth plan for your life?" – would you have an answer? Many of us may fail to come up with an immediate response, but it is a plausible question to consider.

In the past few years, the Office of Hispanic Ministries for Texas Baptists has observed a desire within the Hispanic Baptist community for growth in leadership development. Last fall, they hosted a successful first "En Sus Manos" conference, which offered leadership trainings for English-speaking adults, Spanish-speaking adults and youth. They are offering the second annual conference this November.

"In this conference, we focus a lot on empowering people," said Rolando Rodriguez, director of Hispanic Ministries for Texas Baptists. "If you delegate a lot of responsibilities, you're going to have a lot of followers, but if you empower people, you're going to develop leaders."

Empowering people may sound simple, but when it comes time to do so, we often find ourselves hesitant to give up control.

"We naturally want to be in control, we want to maintain power," Rodriguez explained. "But Jesus said all power is given to Him and then He says, now I'm giving you that power. If Jesus was willing to empower people, then I have to empower people. A lot of times we feel threatened by that."

Through conferences like the Hispanic Leadership Conference and year-round Entrena-T trainings, the Hispanic Ministries team hopes to train and equip leaders to turn around and empower people in their own congregations to maximize their leadership potential.

Rodriguez advises everyone to also have a personal "growth plan" for their life, no matter their role in the church. A growth plan should always include honing leadership skills and striving to use your God-given gifts to their greatest potential.

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