What you can't see pastor

by Ryan Jespersen on December 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

It's Monday morning. Yesterday was a long hard day. In some ways it was a good day, a little boy from the neighborhood came to church for the first time and gave his life to Christ. However, a teenager spent the entire service talking behind Mrs. Smith and of course this bothered and she let you know about it.

In the last few years, your church has made the commitment to get on mission in your community, yet it seems some days this decision is one you would like to reconsider because well, it just gets tough sometimes. You are reaching new people, but the work is hard and sometimes you cannot see the results. Take a minute and consider 2 Kings 6:8-22.

The servant looked around and the only thing he could see was the enemy army surrounding them. Elisha; however, could see something else. Elisha could see the Army of God standing all around ready to protect them.

There will be days in the ministry, particularly when you are in a tough areas, and you will not be able to see all the ways God is working. But I encourage you, know that He is working. Know that He still holds the world, your family, your ministry and your church in the palm of His hands. Know that very soon you will begin to see the result of your work, and even if you never see the results this side of glory, you will some day. My prayer for you today pastor is that God will open your eyes to all He is doing.

Pray this prayer, it is one I have prayed many times when it seemed like turning our church around was not going to be possible. "God do which only you can do here," and follow this prayer with, "And use me to do it."

Also, please know the Texas Baptists are here for you too – to consult and coach you through some issues in your church or just to be a listening ear. Personally, I have walked the road of church transition and seen God do some pretty amazing things through it. Certainly there were days of struggle and even when growth begin again we still had struggles, but God was working, whether I could see it or not.

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