Why we don't like change and how to handle it better

by Joe Loughlin on September 21, 2015 in Faith

Question: "How many baptists does it take to change a light bulb?"
Answer: "Change?!!!!"

If you've recently been frustrated by something in your life changing, you're not alone. Most of us don't like change (unless we're in charge of it). But, change happens constantly. As the saying goes, change is. Period.

A restaurant takes a favorite dish off the menu. Or, the restaurant moves to a less convenient location. Or, the restaurant closes.

A favorite neighbor moves to a new neighborhood. A friend gets married and someone else, appropriately, becomes their best friend.

Job assignments ebb and flow. Sometimes, even, whole companies move their entire staff to a new location!

Change. Change. Change. You have your own examples, I'm sure.

So, why aren't we more accustomed to handling change better? If it is a constant, why haven't we become more adaptable to it, embracing it more readily? Especially, those of us who espouse the gospel of Christ. The gospel of Jesus, if it is anything, is all about change and the newness it brings!

Any person who comes to Christ is made new and hopes in the truth that all things from then on will be so, that is new. (2 Corinthians 5:17). He or she is granted the experience of a new life (Romans 6:4) and is called to serve in the newness of the Holy Spirit rather than under the letter of the old law (Romans 7:6).

This is all made possible because of a new covenant (Matthew 26:29) offered to us by the One who, by His very nature, makes all things new (Revelation 21:5).

One day, we will each be given a new name known only to us and the One who grants it (Revelation 2:17), and we will sing a new song before His throne (Revelation 14:3), possessing new bodies (1 Corinthians 15:52-53), wearing new garments (Revelation 19:8) in the midst of a new heaven and a new earth (Revelation 21:1).

So, I have to ask myself, "why all of this stress over change and the constant of new things?!" Truth is, I better learn how to handle it. The "new" we're seeing now is only the beginning.

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