Working yourself out of a job

by Ryan Jespersen on June 10, 2015 in Great Commandment

It may come in a meeting, time alone in your office, casual conversation … it's the thought that if you, as a pastor or church staffer, help lead your church down the road to truly reaching your community you may no longer be the right person to lead, due to demographics, age or some other factor. The church called you because you reflected the church, but now that the church is changing will you need to bow out? What will this mean to your family, your career and the rest of your ministry?

I pastored a church in an area of over 75 percent Hispanic of which 62 percent spoke Spanish at home. I had a wife and 2 small children to care for, so the fear of working myself out of a job was very real. Right now, as you read this, you may be feeling the same way. If you would let me share some insight, I would love your feedback either privately, in the comments below or on Facebook.

  1. You may be the only who feels you need to leave. People know that you love them. If you are building a church of people of a variety of ethnicities and languages and you love them it is very likely they are going to want you to stay. I was probably the only person in my church who thought that one of these days I may need to move on. If you are in a situation right now that is changing, just love people, and love people to Jesus and most of the time you will be loved in return. Keep in mind that in a truly multi-cultural church you may be just the right leader. Particularly if you were the leader who God called to lead the church to reflect its community.

  2. It is very likely that when you begin to reach the community, the services are going to start growing. In my next blog we are going to explore this principle more thoroughly but just know that starting another service to reach people of different cultures or language will not take away from the service you are already doing and very well could help grow the original service.

  3. God is in charge of your career and can take care of your family better then you ever will. If I may, let me just give a little personal testimony here. When I was pastoring, the time did come where I knew it was time to move on. The door God led me to was to be the Director of Urban Missions here at the Texas Baptists. God has somewhere for you to be, He is not surprised and when you follow Him in leading His church to reach the people He loves, then you can absolutely know He is going to take care of you.

  4. Contact us. Give me a call if you want to talk through some of this. We love you, pastor, and are here for you. You can contact me at: (214) 828-5278, or

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