Taylor & Susan Field

New York, NY

Taylor and Susan Field minister to the needy and share the Gospel through Graffiti Church on New York City’s Lower East Side. They have served in the area for 40 years, sharing Christ’s compassion in practical, no-strings-attached ways — from tutoring to teaching English as a second language to providing lunches in a nearby park.

Their goal is to make personal connections with people by meeting their physical needs and helping them radically change their lives through Christ.

One such life was Raul who had been recently released from prison and was living in a drug rehab facility. The court required him to take classes to earn his high school degree. He ended up at Graffiti Church for those classes.

One day, a church member invited Raul to a Sunday service saying, “We would love to have you.” So Raul went every Sunday for six months in a row — and he brought his girlfriend, Siyyida. They both accepted Christ as Savior. Now they are married and attend and serve at several Graffiti campuses across New York City.

Our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program enable Taylor and Susan to bring the Gospel to New York City one person at a time. Let’s pray for our missionaries and for Graffiti Church, as they reach out to serve the community.


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