TBM Disaster Relief

Bayboro, NC

As Hurricane Florence, a Category 4 storm, hit the East Coast in September 2018, Texas Baptist Men (TBM) stood ready to respond. In a partnership with Bayboro Baptist Church of North Carolina, just days after the storm, TBM volunteers deployed feeding, chainsaw, shower and mud-out units to enable families to begin the recovery process.

Helping those in North Carolina was a full-circle experience for TBM. “Since so many people from North Carolina came to Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey disaster relief, we are now able to do the same for them,” said Rand Jenkins, chief communications officer for TBM. “It’s incredible to be able to come back together with a group of people that came to visit us when we were in the midst of Harvey.”

Carol Prewitt, TBM chainsaw unit volunteer, said, “My prayer is that God would establish our work so that we would ease the suffering and be helpful, and that those in North Carolina would come to realize that it’s Jesus who provides–He is the one that is with them and comforts them.”

Because of our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program, TBM offers help to those in need. Join me in praying today for those affected by natural disasters across the state and nation.


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