Brian and Mandy Davis


Bulgaria, a country in Eastern Europe, used to be a part of the Soviet Union. During that time, the government taught that there was no God. Though this has now changed, the majority of Bulgarians are still atheists. They think religion has nothing for them, so they reject the Gospel before they even know what it means.

Brian and Mandy Davis are International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries in Bulgaria, working to spread the Gospel there. They have experienced the spiritual darkness of Bulgaria, but the Davises believe that Christ’s love and light are still pushing forward. Despite the adversity, Bulgarians are slowly becoming Christians.

Forming relationships with Bulgarians can be hard. Brian and Mandy have been working with Donka, an 85-year-old widow, for some time. She grew up under Soviet Union rule. Though it has taken some time, Donka now comes by often to read the Bible. While she has not accepted Christ yet, she recognizes that the Davises have something in their lives she needs.

When we give through the Cooperative Program, we are supporting the Davises as they spread Christ’s light in the dark. Let’s pray that Donka and other Bulgarians will open their hearts to the Lord.


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