Chaplaincy Relations: Providing Care

Dallas, TX

Texas Baptists chaplains are recognized Baptist ministers sent forth from the local church to serve as an extension of Christ’s ministry to all people. They are often found serving among military personnel, prisoners, people affected by crises and even senior citizens.

Chaplain David Mann is spearheading Texas Baptists Chaplaincy Relations’ newest efforts. In partnership with Baylor Scott & White Hospital, he is providing spiritual care for senior citizens living in a brand new 12-story Dallas facility called Ventana by Buckner.

Chaplain Mann is coordinating a comprehensive program of spiritual care that enriches the lives of over 180 seniors and their families. He has been given a unique mission to provide meaningful opportunities for worship and prayer to the residents, many of whom have lived long lives but still may be looking for eternal hope.

Our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program help provide resources and training for chaplains endorsed by Texas Baptists, so they can be equipped to minister in places like Ventana. Let’s pray for Chaplain Mann as he brings God’s Word and hope of eternity to the seniors living at Ventana.


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