Christian Life Commission: 86th Legislative Session

Austin, TX

Human trafficking has never been a solely international issue. Sadly, countless trafficking victims reside in our own state.

During Texas’ 86th Legislative session in early 2019, the legislature addressed numerous bills that will help bring justice in human trafficking cases.

One bill passed in the Senate, for instance, provides stronger criminal penalties for trafficking, while also improving access to treatment and services for trafficking victims.

A bill passed by the House requires school board members and superintendents to receive training on child sexual abuse, human trafficking and other issues of child maltreatment.

The Texas Baptists Christian Life Commission (CLC) brings a biblical perspective to public policy issues such as human trafficking. Through lobbying and advocacy, the CLC speaks for Christian, ethical causes. CLC leaders challenge Christ-followers to boldly live out biblical commands to pursue righteousness, seek justice and serve others.

Our support of the Cooperative Program helps the CLC in its efforts to guide Texas Baptists as we advocate for the humane treatment of all people.

Let’s pray that our government leaders will continue making wise decisions concerning human trafficking and for CLC leaders as they lead the way in keeping a biblical perspective in the Texas Capitol.


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