TBM: Alto

Alto, TX

In April 2019, tornadoes ripped through the small town of Alto, Texas, damaging homes, buildings and an important facility at the local school campus.

The badly damaged facility housed the school’s kitchen, which was essential to providing two meals per day to 810 elementary, junior high and high school students. Following the disaster, school needed to resume for several more weeks, but there was nowhere to cook food for the students. That’s when Texas Baptist Men (TBM) stepped in to meet the need of the community.

TBM volunteers constructed a field kitchen under a large tent at the school’s entrance. The kitchen had industrial-grade equipment, similar to what the cooks were accustomed to using, and all the necessary utensils needed to prepare meals.

TBM volunteer and former childhood nutrition director Gaylan Mathis was one of many volunteers who helped assemble the field kitchen.

“Students have issues learning if they don’t have good nutrition,” Mathis said. “That has been documented many, many times. So this field kitchen provided them with hot meals.”

Our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program help support Texas Baptist Men’s disaster relief ministry. Let’s pray for TBM volunteers as they seek to share Christ’s love in communities like Alto that are recovering and rebuilding after a disaster.


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