Advocacy Day 2021

Advocating for the Oppressed

May 27, 2021

Online Only

Christian Life Commission

Keynote: 10 AM

Dr. Michael Evans, Sr.


The Stranger Among Us: Pursuing Security and Compassion in Public Policy (Immigration)

Julio Guarneri
Lead Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church, McAllen, TX

Police - The Need for Upstanding Citizens to Protect and Serve

Rev. Oza Jones
Director of African American Ministries
Texas Baptists

Why Texas Baptists Are Against Gambling

Dr. Craig Christina
Associate Executive Director
Texas Baptists

Advocating for Justice

Nigel Robinson
Marketing Consultant
Texas Baptists

Mobilizing the Faith Community for Public Education Support and Advocacy

Rev. Charles Johnson
Executive Director of Pastors
Texas Children

How Christians Can Approach Policies Without Fear of "Political Correctness."

Rev. Michael Evans Jr.
Director of Public Policy - Christian Life Commission
Texas Baptists

Our Christian Duty - Advocating for the Least of These

Rev. Jade Evans
Chaplain Resident

Expanding Health Care Coverage in Texas

Cindy Ji
Health Policy Associate
Children's Defense Fund

Why Pro-Life is Whole Life

Rev. Tamiko Jones
Executive Director-Treasurer
WMU of Texas

Proverbs: Poverty and Policies

Dr. David Sanchez
Director of Ethics and Justice - Christian Life Commission
Texas Baptists