Advocacy Day 2021

Advocating for the Oppressed

May 27, 2021

Online Only

Christian Life Commission

Videos will be posted on this page.

Keynote: 10 AM

Dr. Michael Evans, Sr.

Micah 6:8

Workshops: Following Keynote

The Stranger Among Us: Pursuing Security and Compassion in Public Policy (Immigration)

Julio Guarneri

Our Christian Duty - Advocating for the Least of These

Rev. Jade Evans

Police - the Need for Upstanding Citizens to Protect and Serve

Rev. Oza Jones

Medicaid Expansion

Dr. Laura Guerra-Cardus
Children's Defense Fund Deputy Director

Equity Vs. Equality: How Christians Can Approach Policies Without Fear of "Political Correctness."

Rev. Michael Evans Jr.


Dr. Craig Christina

Advocating for Justice

Nigel Robinson

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