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Church Budgeting and Finances


Texas Baptists is proud to partner as ChurchEXCEL provides free resources for pastors and church administrators.

Texas Baptists Church Administration

Texas Baptists Church Administration exists to help church leaders be faithful stewards of church resources.


ECFA’s Minister’s Compensation Online Courses

FREE online courses

  • Minister’s Compensation 101: Understanding the Big Picture: Effectively compensating your pastor begins by understanding the big picture: Who qualifies as a “minister”? What are the tax benefits? What is the impact of the church’s philosophy and culture?
  • Minister’s Compensation 201: Leveraging the 4 Key Elements of Minister’s Compensation: Maximize your church’s budget AND properly care for your pastor by leveraging the 4 key elements - expense reimbursement, housing allowance, fringe benefits, and salary.

Leadership Network’s Generosity Online Courses

FREE online courses.

  • Generosity 101 - Leadership Network Online Course: Chris Willard, Leadership Network’s Director of Generosity Initiatives, takes you through the steps on how to inspire and teach your church members about stewardship, giving and generosity. You will learn how generosity is a spiritual discipline and how stewardship is discipleship. You will also learn a 4-part strategy on how to preach, teach, celebrate and model generosity, as well as learning the ministry of asking.
  • Generosity 201 - Leadership Network Online Course: Leadership Network’s Director of Generosity Initiatives, Chris Willard, will demonstrate specific tools on how to teach your church about generosity. He will show you how to use small groups and seminars to encourage stewardship and how to articulate what your church believes about giving. He will also demonstrate how to use models like giving ladders to teach generosity to your church members.

Counseling Services

Texas Baptists Counseling Services provides counseling resources for ministers and their families (financial assistance is available for BGCT affiliated ministers).


Healthcare coverage can help protect you from high, unexpected healthcare costs. In our survey of pastors, healthcare costs were identified as one of the top three financial challenges facing pastors.

Financial Planning for Pastors

There are many resources dedicated to helping pastors with their budgets. Texas Baptists also offers its Church Matching and Protection Benefit Program with benefits including: Matching Convention funds to the Church Retirement Plan, Disability Insurance and Survivor Protection benefits.

Public Resources

The state and federal government offer programs for a variety of situations, from helping supplement low-income families to purchasing your first home. You can call 2-1-1 and they can connect you with the services you need.

  • TANF Cash Help- TANF helps families pay for basic living needs.
  • SNAP Food Benefits - Helps people buy the food they need for good health. People also can buy garden seeds with SNAP benefits.
  • Federal Housing Administration Loan Programs – the FHA insures the loan so the lender can offer homebuyers a better deal with low down payments, low closing costs and easy credit qualifying.

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