May 25, 2023

CLC statement regarding gun violence and its impact on the Texas Baptists family

National gun violence awareness month begins next week. We are soberly aware of how present and tragic the reality of gun violence is within our state and within our Texas Baptists family. From our schools to public malls and even inside the walls of our churches, the Texas Baptists family has been impacted by and victim to gun violence.

The tragic reality of gun violence in Texas starkly contrasts the prolife culture we profess and celebrate. We deeply grieve with Texas Baptists churches that have lost family members, church members, loved ones, and treasured neighbors due to gun violence. At the same time, we steady our minds on the hope found in Christ Jesus, who keeps us in perfect peace.

The drastic increase in both gun-related suicides and murders in recent years demonstrates the severity of this crisis. The CLC looks forward to working with our elected legislators on common-sense legislation that curbs gun violence and commits to praying with our Texas Baptists family toward that end.

The Staff of the Christian Life Commission

The Christian Life Commission (CLC) was established in 1950 as the ethics and justice ministry of Texas Baptists (Baptist General Convention of Texas). The CLC speaks to, but not for, Texas Baptists, helping them apply their faith to life through ethics, public policy and impact ministries. The Bible serves as the foundation for the transformative work of the CLC.