May 23, 2022

Statement regarding release of SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force report

Our hearts break at the findings of the Guidepost Solutions report released by the SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force. We join others across Texas and beyond in lament and earnest prayer, acknowledging the failures of the past, accepting the present report’s findings and recommendations and looking ahead with resolve to future change.

We ask God to be near to all who have been impacted by instances of abuse, whose hearts are broken and spirits crushed, and we welcome the healing light of Jesus Christ to shine bright in the darkest of places now and in the days to come.

As we continue to learn through this report of the grievous experiences abuse survivors have faced, we especially lift them up in our collective prayers. We deeply regret the injustice survivors of abuse have suffered, and we pray fervently for their vindication and healing.

Our Texas Baptists Counseling Services stands ready to help. Through this ministry, abuse survivors, their families and others may receive the compassionate care they need and deserve through funds and access to a state-wide network of counselors.

We continue to urge churches and staff towards a proactive approach focused on sexual abuse prevention, reporting, and compassionate care, even as we look for opportunities to strengthen efforts wherever possible.

We long for the day our Lord returns to right every wrong.

Texas Baptists (Baptist General Convention of Texas)

More information and resources including upcoming training opportunities, reporting specifics, and counseling services are available online at