BOUNCE Comes to a Close

It has been an amazing summer filled with so many different BOUNCE experiences and different churches that we, as the BOUNCE Collegiate Staff, have been able to work alongside! Being able to travel from Galveston county, Waco, Puerto Rico, Dallas, to Houston has been spectacular to experience. The servant hearts of all the students and adult leaders that decided to take a week of their summer to come serve has been incredible to witness. If students were working on roofs, pulling up carpet to put in new flooring, learning evangelism tools, or managing block parties for church plants, it did not matter because everyone was dedicated to serving to the best of their ability to influence and represent Christ.

Indian Creek Baptist Church, First Baptist Church Leesburg, Agape Baptist Church, and Templo Bautista De Habla Hispana are the BOUNCERS that finished off the summer with us and it has been so nice to working along each of these churches.

Agape Baptist Church has worked along side Iglesia Intimidad Con Dios by helping bring life back into the church. The church building that the church plant has the privilege to use was for a church that shut down 20 years-ago. Therefore, our BOUNCERS have been painting and cleaning up this church building to be a blessing to Iglesia Intimidad Con Dios. Since the building work was finished, today they are hosting a block party for the community around them. Please be praying for them as they are able to care and love on the people God has placed around them.

Templo Bautista De Habla Hispana partnered with Kerusso Grace Church for this week. Similarly to Agape Church, Templo was painting this week as a way to serve their church plant. Kerusso Grace Church was effected by the ice storm, which caused flooring in their building. This led to Templo being such an answered pray of help for them. Also, these two churches got partnered at the last minute, but it has been so cool to witness the connections that have been built because these churches. Another answered prayer for Kerusso Grace Church is that tomorrow their worship leader will not be able to attend tomorrow and there was no one to be backup for him. However, Templo brought a whole group that can play guitar, drums, piano, and sing, therefore, worshipping God will definitely be happening tomorrow for their Sunday service.

First Baptist Church of Leesburg decided to travel all the way from Georgia to work with Redeeming Word Community Church for their BOUNCE experience. There has been a lot of neighborhood canvasing that this group has been doing. The neighborhood canvasing was to help the church plant understand how they could better help the community, advertise for the VBS they had the last two days, as well for the block party that is happening today.

Indian Creek Baptist Church was our largest group for the week, therefore, had to work with two different church plants, Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church and Spring Life Church. The Solid Rock group has been building amazing fellowship with the church plant members, along with neighborhood canvasing, and they handed out flyers for a Revival event that they had yesterday. As for the Spring Life Church, they had a lot of neighborhood canvasing throughout the week. Plus each night they hosted a revival night at a park, where everyone in the community was invited and they had different speakers each night.

Thank you so much for all the prayers over this 2021 Summer!! Also, thank you to all the churches that were willing to host BOUNCE over the summer! BOUNCERS continue to be intentional in your relationship with God and with those God has place around you. BOUNCE is just one week, but God's plan isn't done yet! Thank you BOUNCERS for joining us this summer! Have a great year and hopefully you'll be back next year!!