Pastor Appreciation Q&A with Steven Young

Steven Young is pastor of The Cross Baptist Church in Tyler. Get to know his background and how you can be praying for his church during Pastor Appreciation Month.

Q: When and how did God call you to be a pastor?

A: I knew that God called me to be a pastor right before I turned 20 years old. From my preteen years through my teenage years, I served in ministry through music as a gospel singer and church musician. Once I entered college, I had a chance to lead a college gospel choir that grew to more than 100 voices. Through these experiences, I had a chance to see the impact of God's word and loving on flawed people.

Q: What is one exciting thing God is doing in and/or through your church right now?

A: Our church is transitioning to being more in tune with worship, and understanding the blessing of corporate worship.

Q: How can people pray for your church?

A: Pray that we stay committed to doing the work of ministry while being loving, connected, and committed to teaching, preaching, and reaching others.