Applying for Available Positions

It is the policy of the Baptist General Convention of Texas not to keep on file unsolicited resumes. Download the below application for employment. Open the application in Adobe and complete all fields. If you have any questions, please contact HR at (214) 828-5168. Completed applications and resume can be sent to hr[at]texasbaptists.org, faxed to (214) 853-4257, or mailed to the below address. Include the position you are applying for and any additional information such as a cover letter or references.

BGCT Human Resources
7557 Rambler Road, Suite 1200
Dallas, TX 75231-2388


Ministry Assistant, Counseling

Support the ministries of the Center for Ministerial Health, to include but not limited to providing support for the Director of Counseling and assist Lead Ministry Assistant with workflow.

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Conference & Event Planner

Provides assistance in the planning, coordination and administrative responsibilities to create effective, efficient, and economical meeting and events hosted by the BGCT and its ministries. Works under the direct supervision of the Director, Conference & Event Planning.

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BSM Ministry Assistant, Communication and Administration

Coordinate BSM Social Media accounts, manage statewide BSM websites, assist with all TXBSM events and training meetings, facilitate all communications between BSM state office and local BSM staff, provide front-line service for BSM online donations, and additional administrative tasks to assist with the overall function of Texas BSM.

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BSM Director – Kilgore College

The Director of Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) is responsible for the direction of the total ministry of the BSM, particularly on the local campus. In addition to coordinating the campus ministry, the Director will assist in the work of the local Baptist churches in the campus community as the BSM joins with these churches in a total ministry to students.

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Single Adult Ministry Specialist

The Single Adult Ministry Specialist is a member of the Discipleship Team, and is responsible for planning, conducting, and evaluating strategies to assist churches in their Single Adult Ministry. This includes, but is not limited to, the program areas of Sunday School, discipleship, and ministry calling.

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Ministry Assistant for Women’s Ministry Team/Single Adult Specialist

To provide ministry assistance to the Women’s Ministry Team and the Single Adult Specialist in the Center for Church Health of the BGCT. The Women’s Ministry Team consists of a director and two contract staff members. The Single Adult Specialist serves on the Discipleship Team.

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Church Starter Strategist - Area 3

To assist churches and associations in the establishment and development of new churches.

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Ministry Assistant, Center for Missional Engagement

This position assists the Church Starting Strategists and the Center for Missional Engagement Team in an assigned area with all responsibilities and tasks related to accomplishing the work of developing new churches and missional activities.

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Intercultural Ministries Specialist

The Intercultural Ministries Specialist establishes trusted advisor relationships with intercultural church pastors and leaders; facilitates strategic planning with intercultural congregations; provides comprehensive integrated services that encourage and facilitate intercultural congregations in fulfilling their God-given vision; connects them to resources, one another, institutions, and other organizations as appropriate; and helps them develop strong leaders among all generation. This is done strategically with/under supervision of the Director of Intercultural Ministries.

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