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Volume 11, Issue 2

December 2023
In Texas and all over the world, Texas Baptists are reaching the lost and sharing the good news of Christ.

Volume 11, Issue 1

July 2023
In Texas and all over the world, Texas Baptists are reaching the lost and sharing the good news of Christ.

Volume 10, Issue 4

November 2022
From the Texas/Mexico border to the Panhandle, Texas Baptists are impacting their communities.

Volume 10, Issue 3

August 2022
Read about how God is using Texan students to share Christ and show love around the world.

Volume 10, Issue 2

May 2022
Read more about the unique missions fields Texas Baptists are serving in.

Volume 10, Issue 1

February 2022
Supporting and engaging churches

Volume 9, Issue 4

November 2021
Tending your church’s garden

Volume 9, Issue 3

August 2021
Supporting and caring for ministers

Volume 9, Issue 2

May 2021
Engaging culture across Texas

Volume 9, Issue 1

February 2021
New vision, mission, and structure of Texas Baptists

Volume 8, Issue 4

October 2020
New churches reach changing communities

Volume 8, Issue 3

August 2020
Texas Baptists put CP to work during COVID-19

Volume 8, Issue 2

April 2020
BSM Spotlight: Engaging college students to follow Christ and transform the world.

Volume 8, Issue 1

February 2020
Evangelism Strategies for 2020

Volume 7, Issue 4

October 2019
Fixing an ailing system: Texas Baptists focus on foster care in Texas

Volume 7, Issue 3

August 2019
Ministry of love: Meeting the needs along the border

Volume 7, Issue 2

April 2019
Expanding Church Starting

Volume 7, Issue 1

January 2019
Supporting healthy pastors to produce healthy churches

Volume 6, Issue 4

October 2018
An Enduring Commitment to Christian Education

Volume 6, Issue 3

July 2018
The Missions Heartbeat of Texas Baptists

Volume 6, Issue 2

April 2018
Evangelism: Fulfilling the Call to Go and Tell

Volume 6, Issue 1

January 2018
Benevolence: Continuing a Legacy of Seeing and Meeting Needs

Volume 5, Issue 6

November 2017
Compelled by the Great Commandment and the Great Commission

Volume 5, Issue 5

September 2017
Seeing God at work through 50 years of River Ministry

Volume 5, Issue 4

July 2017
Engaging Diverse Cultures for Christ

Volume 5, Issue 3

May 2017
Summertime Good News: Growing and Sharing the Gospel

Volume 5, Issue 2

March 2017
Texas Baptists Church Starting: Lasting success, uniquely experiencing God

Volume 5, Issue 1

January 2017
Celebrating the service of Texas Baptists institutions