Texas Baptists Worldwide

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Missions and ministry from the heart of Texas to the ends of the earth

The Texas Baptists Worldwide offering gives churches the opportunity to do missions and ministry from the heart of Texas to the ends of the earth. Through Worldwide, Texas Baptists can participate in global efforts unique to Texas Baptists. Worldwide gifts are above and beyond Cooperative Program giving, and allow churches the opportunity to work with a trusted partner to make a Kingdom impact across the world.

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Missions Team

The Missions Team is the missions arm of Texas Baptists and includes the following:

  • Urban Missions connects churches with communities through training and consultation.
  • Texas Baptists Missionaries supports 16 missionaries in the U.S. and overseas through training and prayer to spread the Gospel.
  • Church Starting seeks to fulfill the mandate of sharing God’s Word in Texas by planting new churches of all different sizes and ministry styles.
  • Missionary Adoption Program partners churches in the U.S. with churches in a host country to jointly sponsor a missionary who will focus on evangelism, discipleship and church planting.
  • Multi-Housing/House Congregation Ministry begins new churches in homes, prisons and a variety of other places to reach people right where they are, and where they feel comfortable.
  • BOUNCE Student Disaster Recovery gives Texas Baptists youth the opportunity to do disaster relief in a camp experience.
  • River Ministry & Mexico Endeavors supports 16 missionaries who reach South Texas/Northern Mexico populations through mission projects, evangelistic campaigns, and leadership training.

Texas Partnerships

Texas Baptists is partnering with Baptists in other areas such as the Pacific Northwest and Michigan, and other nations including Canada, Myanmar, Brazil, and others. Texas Baptists facilitates mission trips to these areas and works with national conventions.

Baptist World Alliance

Baptist World Alliance is a fellowship of 235 conventions and unions in 122 countries and territories comprising 45 million members in 177,000 churches. Its priorities are nurturing the passion for missions and evangelism; promoting worship, fellowship and unity; responding to people in need; defending human rights and justice; and advancing relevant theological reflection. Texas Baptists is involved as a member body and in the planning, mission, and ministry of BWA.

Intercultural International Initiatives

Baptists in Texas have a unique opportunity to advance the Kingdom of God by utilizing the cultural expertise of the intercultural churches who are a vibrant part of the Convention. Seed money is provided to these congregations to assist in projects around the world with great Kingdom impact at low cost. Current partnerships include Japan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Go Now Missions

Go Now Missions was started in 1949 and since that time over 9,000 students have gone all over the world. This last year, Go Now Missions sent out over 900 college students. These university students scatter across Texas, the nation, and the world to do missions. These are life-changing experiences for the students and for those whose lives they touch.

Hispanic Education Initiative

An important part of the future in Texas and Texas Baptists is to have a well-educated, well-trained population. Yet one of the factors facing Texas is the large number of Hispanic students who do not finish high school or go any further with their education. This offering provides scholarships and events to encourage and promote education among Hispanic churches and students.


Texas Baptists has now endorsed 900+ chaplains for ministry. Chaplains are endorsed for health care, military, correctional, corporate, pastor counseling, first responder, crisis response, and lifestyle. In addition to endorsing chaplains, the ministry provides pastoral care and support for chaplains and their families. This includes support for families and service personnel following military deployments, or for any chaplain in times of crisis.