Learn about the accountability structures that organize the largest Baptist state convention of its kind.

Affiliated Churches

Texas Baptists is a medium through which Baptist churches choose to work harmoniously in cooperation with each other. This Convention recognizes the autonomy of each church under the one Sovereign, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Annual Meeting

Churches participate in the Convention by sending messengers to a two-day business meeting held on an annual basis. At Annual Meeting, messengers from the churches elect officers, committees and trustees; pass the annual budget and resolutions; and resolve other matters of business.

2023-24 Convention Officers

Ronny Marriott (left), pastor of First Baptist Church in Burleson

First Vice President
Debbie Potter (right), minister of children at Trinity Baptist Church in San Antonio

Executive Board

Annual Meeting messengers elect 90 Executive Board directors who are responsible for the work of the Convention between annual meetings. The Executive Board speaks for the Convention’s interests when the Convention is not in session.

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Affiliated and Related Institutions

The ministry of the Convention is extended through affiliated and related institutions.

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Texas Baptists Staff

The executive leaders are elected by the Executive Board. The executive director employs staff as necessary to fulfill the work of the Convention and as provided by the financial plan of the Convention.

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For further details about the polity of this Convention, see our Constitution and Bylaws.