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Tabitha was stricken with guilt, grief and hopelessness. She had traveled a long, hard road, suffering tremendous emotional and physical abuse throughout her life and also in her first marriage. She felt unworthy, unloved and unfit to be a mother to her three children.

These overwhelming feelings led her to make a decision that haunted her for years to come. Tabitha decided to leave her family, believing she wasn’t enough for them, for God, for anyone.

But God had a plan of redemption for Tabitha. He led her to STCH Ministries Family Counseling Corpus Christi, where she met with a STCH Ministries counselor, who listened, cared and believed that she was a worthy person. The counselor became a representation of God’s grace for Tabitha. Through the course of counseling, the counselor helped Tabitha learn about her true identity in Christ.

As she healed, Tabitha reconnected with her grown children and now enjoys the blessing of being a part of her grandchildren’s lives.

Tabitha recently wrote a sweet note to the counselor celebrating the freedom and blessings she now has. Tabitha shares in her message “I love my life…and I know that God and you did an amazing thing for me; you taught me to smile again.”

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we are supporting STCH Ministries as they share God’s love with broken, hopeless people. Let’s pray for counselors like this one as they come alongside these people, restoring life and hope.


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